Generators Panda offers units that run of Liquid Propane(LP) or Natural Gas(NG) that are configurable to fit commercial and utility grid support applications. These power plants can be fully automated, and ...
MCHP The Microgen combined heating and power to one unit, powered portfolio of domestic  heat, hot water as well as electricity with high efficiency. With all the same features, benefits and functionality ...

Panda CCHP system combined cooling, heating and power system sequentially produce electricity, coling and thermal energy.Provide high effective heating,cooling and power for houses using gas.


The Panda Automatic Transfer Switch is  handles the changeover from utility power to the standby generator in the event of a power outage and incorporates load management for high demand appliances.

Water Pump

Beautiful appearance.easy start.smooth running.low vibration.low noise.fuel efficient.easy to carry,widely uesd in irrigation field and other drainage works.


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Quality reflect the value, attitude decides success. Panda provides the best Home Standby Generators, MCHP, CCHP and the related Asscessories